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FreeFall in Costa Rica

Come to Costa Rica

for an amazing FreeFall I & FreeFall II discovery of who you are

 “Naked Under Your Clothes”




Join Allison Bachmeier, B.Sc in Anatomy, B.A. in Psychology, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk Instructor and FreeFall I & II Instructor in Alejuela, Costa Rica from Saturday, March 24, 2018 to Friday, March 30, 2018 to explore the FreeFall system.  From one of the most majestic and inspiring areas of the world we will get to experience the freedom from our perceived “Image” we have of ourselves and expose the Naked Truth of our humanness.  Pura Vida Retreat and Spa, located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, provides the perfect setting for this amazing awakening.  Surrounded by coffee plantations and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valley below, the resort is known for its gourmet meals, outstanding accommodations, Healing Arts Spa Therapists, and accommodating staff members.

FreeFall I

The focus of FreeFall I is “body image”, that is, learning to understand the masking nature of the self-image and the restrictions it has over us.  We explore self-image by stripping off this mask of coping. The “Coping Mask” is a matrix of fears, judgments, beliefs and behaviors that restrict an individual from embracing and loving life.  FreeFall I participants will be individually assessed and facilitated through a series of exercises to move beyond these restrictions. The resulting opening of the heart and trust in one’s own essence supports therapeutic integration and personal evolution.  FreeFall is explored in a safe, confidential environment-providing participants a solid foundation to express vulnerably, their attitude around self-acceptance and become, “Naked Beneath our Clothes”.

FreeFall II

FreeFall II further pushes the exploration of healthy human intimacy.  It is an in-depth course challenging us to address the coping mechanisms which support our conditioning and distort our body’s unique expression. FreeFall II works by bridging this chasm and offering the body a unifying and expressive experience.  In this course, we explore the nature of specific areas of the brain and hormonal expression, challenge the belief systems around sexuality, sensuality and control, and strengthen the conscious connection to your most intimate relationship… Self.

Pura Vida Retreat and Spa accommodations include:

  • Room accommodations for 7 nights (March 24, 2018 to March 30, 2018)
  • Three delicious health-minded buffet style meals with vegetarian, vegan, fish and chicken options. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated (please advise at time of booking)
  • Filtered and alkaline water, coffee, tea and fresh seasonal local fruit available throughout the day
  • Use of outdoor swimming pool and hot tub
  • Designated Wi-Fi and computer access
  • Round-trip shuttle service to/from SJO airport

Contact Details:

Cheryl Ramsay, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Eden Wholistic


Pura Vida Retreat & Spa

Alajuela, Costa Rica

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Where do I even begin to describe what Free Fall meant to me? It goes beyond words, beyond everything that you are used with in your day to day life, beyond any type of healing you ever had… How can I describe the lightness, the freedom, the confidence it brought? The singing of the heart, the “knowing”, the most unimaginable joy there is… and it was in there all this time… inside me… the most precious gift of all… finding my true self.  So humbling, so grateful, so incredibly free! You just have to REALLY want to feel that way, that’s all!  Gabby R.

FreeFall has completely changed my life!  I must say, even this morning (after planning on waking up at 5am to go to the gym and realizing when your alarm goes off that you set the wrong alarm and it is 6am so I will not have time to go unless I rush rush rush) I am feeling amazing. My heart feels so happy and I feel as though nothing or no one can stop me. I control my life and I will continue to live the life I deserve.  Kaitlyn R.

The course and location were both so much more than anything I could have imagined…a kaleidoscope of color, images & emotions.   I am still not sure how to describe my experience – words don’t do it justice.  What I can say is that in the short period of 5ish days I experienced anger, fear, guilt, shame, resistance, sadness, relief, surrender, compassion, courage, vulnerability, wonder, freedom, happiness, joy, understanding, connection and finally, more awareness of authentic me.  It was a “sense – ational” experience all the way around.

Thank you Allison & Cheryl for creating this extraordinary opportunity in this amazing & magical place.  Thank you to all the ladies that were a part of this transformative experience.  It was a privilege to share this with each of you.  Lisa W.



The sun goes down

And so my worries

Eternal bliss just fills my heart

I wish I could breathe in the beauty

Of this amazing fresh new start.


And with each breath

I feel I’m closer

To what is new and pure and green

My heart is filled with such emotion

That comes from deep, comes from within.


I am the tree, the sun, the ocean,

I fully live in blades of grass

And in the flowers and the moonlight

That whispers softly “let it pass”


What do I need I do not know yet

But I will listen to my heart

And feel the gentleness of knowing

Fully embracing my fresh new start.


Love to all,


Gabby R.