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Are you Man Enough to Embrace Your Feminine Side?

The fact is that men require rest and relaxation just as much as women do; maybe even more so. The roles of what a man is typically responsible for have changed. Not only do men provide the traditional needs of food, shelter and protection, they have taken on childcare, cooking, cleaning, financial planning and glorified taxi service to soccer practises or dance lessons. These increased demands on their time have reduced the available time needed to decompress.

In order for the body to properly digest and assimilate food, repair damaged cells and ensure general body health, it needs to be in a relaxed state. Most days we are all bombarded with stressors that do not allow our body this opportunity. The accumulation of stress and the inability to release this stress is a main contributor to dis-ease and degenerative issues. The human body was not meant to be exposed to all the stress that our society now seems to thrive on. As such, it is even more important now to ensure that time is carved out on a regular basis to allow the body to unwind.

BodyTalk allows for the body and mind to switch from a stressful, tense, tired feeling to a sense of calm and balance. So my question to you is, “Are you man enough to embrace your feminine side?”