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How Many Ghosts are Haunting You?

BodyTalk access the subconscious mind.

BodyTalk is one of the few alternative healing modalities which has the ability to enter into and examine the subconscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that holds our belief systems, active memories and core values about who we are and how we relate to our environment. It is these strong belief systems and active memories that are the seed of discord and disease in the body/mind.

Release of active memories.

Active memories are memories of the past that have an emotional charge. Rather than the information and energy from the memory being processed and experienced, the emotional baggage becomes stuck in the tissues of the body.

Suffering from an over-reaction.

If you find that a certain person or situation creates an overreaction in you, it is a sign that you have an emotional attachment that is being mirrored by that person or situation. I always love the saying, “There is something about you that I really hate in myself”. It shows that the environment is just reflecting an aspect in your subconscious which has an emotional unresolved charge to it.

Releasing the emotional attachment.

During a BodyTalk session the Active Memory technique may come up as a priority for balancing. This technique reveals what belief system, unresolved memory or fear/phobia that is creating blockages in the body/mind. Once all the details are provided and all other links are revealed, the BodyTalk practitioner then taps out the Active Memory release technique. The blocked energy is released and the belief system or memory becomes neutral. The person will still have the memory, but it will not trigger an emotional response. It is like the ghosts of your past are no longer haunting you and you can now live life free of the emotional attachments to them.

Releasing in order to heal.

This technique in conjunction with other links that may come up in the BodyTalk session will help to restore communication within the body/mind which then allows the body to heal itself and regain homeostasis.
So the question to you is, “How many ghosts are haunting you?”