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What my Clients have to say

Here is a few comments from clients, past and present. We welcome feedback from anyone who is willing to take the time. We hope to constantly improve our service and with your feedback, that process is much more efficient. If you would like to send us any comments, please click here and fill in the form. Thank you.

When I began seeing Cheryl it was at a time of great change and stress for me.  I seemed to be repeating old patterns of living life as a victim and letting emotion control my day to day life.  I suffered from anxiety about the future and worry about the past.  My physical, spiritual, emotional and daily life was out of balance. I suffered the physical pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and debilitating anxiety.  I struggled to hang onto hope.  After my first session I started to feel peace in dealing with some very old baggage that I had carried around for most of my 50 ish years on this planet.  As each session ended I began to feel BALANCE for the first time in my life.  People around me noticed and more importantly I noticed that I felt inner strength and understanding about ME.  This has been the most important thing that I have done for myself.  Every relationship in my life from my family, friends, co- workers and ME has benefited in beautiful ways.  I am able to stand for who I am without my ego getting in the way, my physical health is better than ever.  My doctors have noticed great improvements in my health issues and they are strongly encouraging me to continue what I am doing.  I have been given the profound gift of tools to make my life what I have always desired and will continue to use them as life changes and I continue to grow.  Heartfelt Gratitude ❤Cheryl for the healing of my mind, body and spirit.

Paula A.

Bodytalk is a form of treatment that I don’t fully understand how it works, all I know is that my many anxieties including fear of driving and flying, confidence in myself, and being overwhelmed at work and in my personal life have greatly minimized through bodytalk.  Cheryl’s knowledge, commitment to her clients and true passion to heal makes her an amazing healer. Thank you for the freedom you have created in my life! Jacqueline M.

Cheryl is a Master of BodyTalk. I compare her to a body whisperer. She knows how to guide you to find the key or the missing piece of the puzzle. I came to see Cheryl because of ongoing pain residual from Lyme Disease. Although I have been dealing with pain for the past 8 years, I don’t like using the term “chronic pain” because to me this means I might feel pain forever and die with it inside…and for this reason, I prefer using the word “ongoing” because it leaves the door open to an end…A final chapter.  In my case, BodyTalk has helped me at a physical, emotional and spiritual level: feeling at home in my own body and feeling compassion for myself instead of feeling betrayed by my body. BodyTalk is a window that gives you access to the subconscious mind and it helped me uncovering limiting beliefs. The conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg. I have always been really motivated to get well, but it seemed that my desire to get well and seeing several other health practitioners seemed to have little or no influence on my symptoms.  When I first came to see Cheryl, I felt stuck. I now see the word in terms of possibilities and feel so much better, feel connected and whole. My pain has decreased significantly. I believe that BodyTalk is destined to change how we view disease/illness.  Cheryl is the practitioner you want by your side when going through any transformative or healing journey because of her amazing skills and incredible knowledge when it comes to tapping into to the body in order to remove blocks and re-establishing communication within the body…mind and spirit! Nancy, Calgary AB

My first couple sessions with Cheryl, I couldn’t figure out where my money had gone to, to be honest. About 10 days after the first session, my body said OK that’s why I pay her to do this. I felt less tension in my abdominal area, that I have been struggling with since my second car accident. About 7 days after the second session, my body said OK again that’s why I pay her to do this. I experience yet again more release in the abdominal area, I thought for a moment does this BodyTalk experience really works. Along with 2 reflexology appointments in between I had an even bigger release of tension from my third session with Cheryl.  My inflammation a had decreased in half over a 3-month time frame. It doesn’t look or feel good at all when you are constantly inflamed in the abdomen area, as if you are always 3 to 4 months pregnant. The emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic & physical part of me was truly exhausted from social judgement and personal as well. My biggest most profound session was Lucky #5- After the session I became super hungry, shaky & weak at the knees. I didn’t think I could drive to get food, so Cheryl fed me a muffin & water. I got instantly cold. Apparently my sleeping kundalini was reawakened & in full gear.

As an Integrative Yoga Practitioner, I know the importance of a personal journey and the commitment it takes to want to make the changes from the inside out. Most times you just need that special someone to hold your hand, sort of speak. Cheryl held space for me to want to express. She held space for me to go inward to explore. She held space for me for my experience. I am thankful that to have been introduced to Cheryl. I hope you will give yourselves the opportunity to be a part of a holistic health & wellness practice that is becoming more conventional in today’s society. Virginia M.

I came to Cheryl with problems with alcoholism, eating disorders, love addiction, low self esteem, fear of people, lack of trust and confidence. Without attachments to my core beliefs (the lies I had been telling myself) and clearing of the blockages from the traumas I had endured, within 6 months I am a free woman ready for a new journey in life.  I am so grateful for all the struggles I had because I may have never met Cheryl and have her as my guide to wellness.  Heather D

I came to Body Talk in extreme pain from a hip injury. I went from an off the scale 10 for pain down to a 3 with Body Talk. I still needed hip surgery, but Body Talk helped me reduce the pain I was experiencing. I also suffered from traumatic events in my past. I had been putting off therapy all my life, and knew I needed to deal with my past. I was in so much pain I could barely think. Body Talk helped me emotionally and physically; there is no doubt in my mind that I have come out of Body Talk sessions as a better person. It helped me decrease the pain from my hip and the pain from past events. I had 6 months of Body Talk therapy, and it was worth every penny. I would do it again and again. I can’t recommend it enough. I do recommend it to those in pain physically and from past trauma. Janet S.

It’s not easy for me to put into words how much she has truly changed my life.  She is patient and so caring and was able to help me clear the blockages that were standing in my way of discovering my true passion.  She is a real blessing! Yana S.

Cheryl is such a loving being and it comes through in her treatment. Her passion for BodyTalk and for helping others comes through in every treatment. I have been seeing Cheryl for a couple years and always look forward to each session.  Cheryl has helped me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually on my road to recovery and in clearing the path for my inner self to emerge. She is genuine, kind, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, intuitive and very professional. Cheryl is able to get to the root cause and remove it. Much love, Jodi P.

Has changed my quality of life! Cheryl and I have been friends since childhood and I have been receiving sessions from Cheryl for over a year and have no doubts about her passion, abilities or professionalism. The disappearance of my physical issues and belief systems that were causing them have changed my life quite drastically this last year and she is still by my side helping to continue my journey to enjoying life’s experiences. This has made our connection even stronger and I am thankful for every moment I can spend with her in a session or personally.  Heather S.

Relief to my osteo arthritis! My involvement with Body Talk was preceeded by a sudden onset of osteo arthritis. Prior to 2012 I experienced occasional pain in my right hip which was addressed by massage therapy. In July an intense and continous pain developed which required the use of “off the shelf” anti-inflamators, pain medication, heat and vibration on a daily basis. Pain was tolerable with only short term stiffness in mornings. Eventually the pain became disabilitating and quality of life was suffered. Prescription anti-inflamatories were obtained as well as replacement orthopedics and the addition of chiropractor sessions. X-rays confirmed the presence of osteo arthritis in both hips with additional deterioration in the right hip. Difficulty in obtaining medical attention disrupted the continued use of prescription anti-inflamatories and necessitated the pursuit of additional treatments. Symptoms by now had only partially subsided and mobility was greatly impacted. Within a few days of the first Body Talk session I was able to manage my symptoms with occassional use of off the shelf anti-inflamatories and pain medications (1/2 to 1/3 daily dosages every 2 to 3 days). Additional Body Talk sessions have focussed on areas other than the hips. I have not experienced as dramatic a result as I did after the first session, however, I continue to take medications only as necessary and on some days I catch myself walking with a normal stride. Jeff P.