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Using a Surrogate for a BodyTalk Treatment

When to use a surrogate.

There may be times when a client is not able to be physically present to have a BodyTalk treatment. The client may be in utero, a baby or a very active child. The person may be mentally or emotionally compromised and so their physical attendance would not be appropriate. Family pets or farm animals are other examples when a human surrogate can be used for the BodyTalk treatment on the animal. Using a surrogate does not limit the effectiveness of the client’s treatment, whoever the client may be.

Physical contact of the surrogate.

It may appear to help if the surrogate is touching the client, but this is more of a perceived credibility than a factual one. The practitioner places a sticky note with the name of the client on the surrogate to indicate that the intention of the BodyTalk session is for the client.

Focus of the BodyTalk session.

The BodyTalk session always starts with a consultation on the client. Once an understanding of the concerns and history of the client are discussed, the practitioner uses the surrogate to obtain the yes and no answers in order to reveal the formula which is the priority for the client. Focus by the practitioner is always on the client and so the formula revealed will be specific for that client.

Procedure of the BodyTalk session.

Once the complete formula is revealed and all details are found the formula is then tapped out to allow for the client to download the information and for the client’s innate wisdom to make the necessary changes in the bodymind complex. This will then allow for proper communication and harmony to be restored to the areas highlighted.

Downloading the BodyTalk formula.

In order to download the formula, the surrogate is used as the platform to transfer the information to the client with the practitioner’s focus again on the client. The surrogate is tapped on the head and then the heart. Tapping the head allows for the formula to be brought to the awareness of the client’s brain and innate wisdom and tapping the heart ensures that the formula and all its information is stored in the client’s heart complex.
The practitioner then checks to see if the formula was downloaded to the client by again using the surrogate to obtain the yes and no answers. Once the formula has been downloaded and no further priorities are revealed for the session the sticky note from the surrogate is removed and the BodyTalk session is completed.

What is BodyTalk.

BodyTalk is a non-evasive, consciousness based alternative health care system and does not preclude anyone from being provided access to its amazing healing possibilities.