Since I was a child, I felt that there was more to life than just the physical experience through the five senses.  In my twenties I went searching for a healing modality which honoured all aspects of a person:  body, mind and spirit.  I took numerous courses through Wildrose College in Calgary and learned about reflexology, herbology, homeopathy and aromatherapy.  However, it was not until a friend of mine introduced me to BodyTalk in 2011 when I finally found what I had been searching for all my life.

I have suffered with chronic headaches most of my life.  The headaches were increasing in frequency and duration to the point that I was having headaches twice a week with them lasting two days at a time.  My family doctor ordered tests on my brain and provided pain medication.  I sought assistance via chiropractic, massage and physiotherapy, however nothing provided relief or advise me of the cause of the headaches.  I attended my first BodyTalk session in August 2011 and had a profound experience.  I felt a huge shift in my energy levels and my headaches were significantly reduced in frequency.  In fact, I was headache free for three months after my first session!  What happened to me in that session could not be explained though western medicine.  It was shift in my consciousness, which changed my perception of my reality and how I reacted to my environment.  Now if I do have a headache, I am able to manage it with minimal intervention and further, I understand that the headaches reflect how well I am managing my stress levels.

In order to better understand what I had experienced, I started taking BodyTalk classes.  I obtained my certification as a BodyTalk Practitioner in September 2012.  After extensive study, I graduated as an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner with PaRama Level I & II in January 2014.  I continue to pursue further learning and enjoy sharing and applying new information and awareness with my clients.

I believe that we are all on this planet to have a “human” experience.  However, in having this experience we take things on that do not serve us or allow us to move forward.  As Jane Fonda so eloquently said, “We are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be “whole”.  I believe if we are given the opportunity to release what is not serving us, our bodies can and will heal and we can experience a life from a deep state of gratitude and love.  I am excited to continue my journey of learning and applying the principles of BodyTalk and HelioSol to my clients so that they can live the life they were meant to live!

It is my honour and privilege to be of service to anyone who is ready and willing to enter into their own healing journey and experience wholeness.