The HelioSol Technique

I will be offering this one-day course which provides the foundational technique of The HelioSol System. This technique can be used as a stand-alone or as the download technique when doing a HelioSol session. The HelioSol technique is an easy to learn and easy to do practice that may generate profound changes in a person’s life. It makes use of a blend of concepts from both western and eastern thinking, spiritual and scientific understanding, and belongs to no specific organized philosophy. It is possible, after daily practice, to generally feel better and to manifest a more fulfilling life. It is also possible to begin the transformational process of moving one’s personal consciousness towards remembering it is universal consciousness. This is the ultimate basis for healing – shifting from the separateness of the personal to the wholeness of the universal.

The HelioSol technique can be used in emergency situations by including the Emergency Care Template (which will be taught). The technique not only works with humans, but also with animals, plants, and all sentient beings.